Today marks the entry to yet another year…we started 2020 on the same lines and since then sooooooo much has happened.phew! It felt like we lived a couple hundred years in 2020 itself…it just seemed to never end!

However lets be thankful for yet being alive amidst the chaotic pandemic.This year taught us how truly ‘Man proposes and God disposes’,it taught us that we live in unbelievably unpredictable times… lets be more aware of our surroundings, nature, one another and ofcourse of ourselves! Lets wish and hope and keep telling ourself ‘All is well’!

A special thank you to my 200 followers,I promise to be more active in this blog. Starting today I am even open to guest posts as well! I will also be starting a segment on some product reviews and recommendations!So keep me company! God bless everyone!

Beach lover or Hills lover?!

Trust me I have asked this to myself a million times all through the years and the truth remains that I still don’t know!

For majority of my life I have led myself to believe I am a beach lover…and that is merely because I have time and again visited numerous beaches in my life…(well I hail from south India and this is kind of obvious!) Yes and the wave water touching my barefeet and then receding back with all strength is my most favourite feeling on this entire planet!

But then the hill stations have captivated me too…One of my favourite hill station is Mahableshwar. I am fortunate to say I have visited this hill station so many times and each time it has just gladdened my heart.So this last weekend I was back in Panchgani/Mahableshwar.

Firstly the ghat journey leading to here is a super thrilling and scary route.And then once u reach this quaint city on top,it feels like u have been transported directly to heaven! The uber cool winds,the fresh pollution free air, the smell of trees and fresh fruits…gosh I cant describe that feeling.It reminds me so much of Manali which I last visited 11 years back or so (remember Rohtang pass wali maggi?!)

So as I travelled in the car through the roads of Panchgani,the sight of the huge residential schools on either side excited me.Yes the very same type ones you see in bollywood movies where the kiddies (brats) of vvips studied.I thought to myself how I would have loved to just be a teacher in one these institutions and live a simple life (yes very much like Kareena in jab we met although she seemed to not like it too much)

Also taking a moment to acknowledge the sight of fresh strawberries!A Mahableshwar trip is not complete without a visit to ‘Mapro Garden’ to have their special fresh strawberry and cream. As for the taste,my words would do no justice to it!

Strawberry and cream

Such a hill station life would seem so interesting to me as compared to my current IT WFH life. I think the city life, the wfh,the laptops n computers n smartphones are driving me crazy!

Coming back to my main question,am I beach lover or a hills lover?! Cant I be both?!

Happy Diwali!

Are we all lost stars…trying to light up the dark?

Happy Diwali! May the festival of lights, shower your homes and lives with brightness, prosperity and happyness (spelt with a y)😊😊!

Enthino vendi thilakkunna sambar!

STOP! Stop right there if you think this post will contain the recipe for a yummy sambar! It doesn’t!

I remember once as a kid I asked my mother, what all veggies go into a sambar(I started counting them on my fingers-onion, Brinjal, bhindi, potato, tomato, carrot,muringa etc etc) and she stopped me abruptly and told me there is no specific answer to it and that anything and everything could go into a sambar! Growing up I have had numerous kinds of sambar, as you know pretty much every South Indian state has its own version. I used to be baffled how one dish that goes by the same name everywhere could taste this different (opposite ends of the spectrum like).

I began to slowly accept this fact with time and learnt to never expect a particular taste in the sambar especially whilst going to new hotels or visiting frnds/ relatives for lunch. I prepared myself to get blown over by the surprise. Yes at times it shocked me, with extreme sweetness, at times it jolted me with that strong hing taste and sometimes it warmed my heart- yes those rare moments when it ticked all boxes and would taste perfect. That perfect balance of sweet, salty, acidic and tangy tastes.

Sometimes it would anger me, especially the watery swimming pool type ones, and sometimes the heat levels brought a tear to my eyes. None the less I never complained, like I said, I trained myself all along for this.

I obviously don’t claim that I make the best or perfect sambar, my tryst with it has also been unpredictable. Its like a new taste each time although I sometimes use the very same spices and veggies! I wonder why though!

Hence I end this post, wishing you all the luck to experience the different kinds of sambar our world has to offer! But yes, go indulge with an open mind, not a judgemental or prejudiced mind!Go get surprised! Hey have I really been talking about sambar all this while though!?! I leave it to you who is reading…after all you guys are the idli to my sambar! ♥️♥️Bon appetit!

Dance the blues away!

Dance is an emotion,one not many understand. It has nothing to do with whether you excel in it or if its pleasing to others. Its a feeling only the dancer can understand. Its a dialogue with one’s inner self, a display of communication in gestures, a saga of storytelling, satisfaction and achievement.

In love with Rumi’s words-

Its okay!

Its okay to make wrong choices…else u will never learn the difference…
Its okay to be argumentative …u atleast have a point of view…
Its okay to feel weak at times…reminds u tat u r nothing when compared to the Creator n His creations…
Its okay to sumtimes be the hated one…tat requires guts too..
Its okay to make mistakes and then repeat some too…atleast u dont follow a rulebook…
Its okay to break the rules…sets u free atleast for a while….
Its okay to be judged…it enlightens u about the other…
Its okay to laugh loudly at ur self with tears of joy….atleast u know u r naive n down to earth…
Its okay to be termed unpredictable… u are neva gona be boring…
And Its okay to be fully u at all times…only then can u be fully alive!

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