Beautiful people.

There exists a parallel world.
One of bling and luxury,
One lived to make others envious,
Burdened only by their first world problems.
Oh the blitz and glamour,
Sparkle and wine,
Food and luxury,
Yet empty minded souls and starved bodies.
So superficial, it makes them sick,
Nevertheless, they keep chasing more.
Clothes of silk and mighty shine,
Smelling cold and of all things mean.
The sheer looks filled with pride and glout,
Dismissing even the shadow of the lowly.
Fake and malicious smiles at those around,
Their minds talking trash about each other.
Oh the power they think they possess,
Traveling in elite style,
Wearing the tiara of panache,
They call themselves…. beautiful people.

Its been ages!

Hello there and yessss its been ages.. Like literally… I think my last written post was almost an yr bak!

No,I haven’t forgotten tat this blog exists! Yes, I am married now and maybe all tat change in my life may have kept me busy! No, I wont be deleting this blog site altogether like i have done many a times with my earlier blogs…! And Yes, i did give it a serious thought though but i wont!

How has everyone been? … Well being an Indian, more so being a Mallu…there been a lot going on…first with the torrential rainfall n floods, now with Sabarimala issue! It never seems to end. And No, if u r waiting for my opinion on the Sabarimala issue, then sorry I have none. Period.

Life has been busy.. If u have read any of my posts from an yr back… I used to complain about life being the same everyday, monotony n all tat….. Well, things hav really changed nw!

Its funny coz it seems like just yesterday tat i wrote a blog post about getting married in a few days and here i am now going to complete my first anniversary in 2 days… How time flies!

There are times in life when u think life is going in a snail pace n then there are moments when its in a cheetah pace!

Atleast i hope to be more active here, hope i succeed in doing so!

Love, luck n joy

Foodie! (Diaries of ‘gelf’ life)

Its true that we associate a memory of a place to the food we have tasted there, be it ages ago!

I was born in Kuwait and I lived there till the age of 10. So I dont remember much but whatever faint lil food memories (call it aftertaste) I hav clung onto all thru the years, here they are-

  • Shawarma/dajaj/filafel in that order!(There was an old outlet of Sultan Centre which had a playout area where the kids cud play while the parents ordered, some good old memories! I found the below pic of that park from the internet with great difficulty)

  • Kitco (personal favourite- Funny faces)

  • KDD (personal favourite- Banana milk)

  • Hardees and BurgerKing anyday over KFC and MacD !(esp Hamour sandwich)

  • Zattar (oregano) and Irani khubz

  • Aero chocolates (those tiny melting air bubbles inside 😊)

  • Pringles(a very rare thing as mom never allowed it much)

I know these are small things but not so small to me as they hold big,huge, wonderful and yummy memories to me!!

Life as we know it!

My last post was on the 15th of June…so here I am 3 months later! Quite a long break for a blogger and an even longer break for me on a personal front coz there is soooo much happening! I remember some time back, I used to complain that nothing at all is happening in my monotonous life and all of a sudden so much seems to be happening and that too so quickly!! 

Yes so………wait for it..…………… ‘I am getting married in 23 days!!’

And yes, I am myself as genuinely surprised as you wud be while reading that! And secondly……………….wait for it again…………..

New girl is moving back to her old city!!!’ Its almost as if I am coming to a full circle with this blog…which I started when I(New girl) moved from my old city to my new city !
Now you know why I named this post ‘Life as we know it’….coz tats exactly wat life is- unpredictable, surprising, intriguing and shell shocking! 

I personally dont know most of you…but that doesn’t matter, does it? Would it be too much to ask you to keep this New girl in your prayers?!

Love and more love…always!

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